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Therapeutic Riding Program

In a natural environment, our equine-assisted therapy is an organic combination of speech, physical, and relationship-building therapy.

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Equine therapy builds a variety of skills:

Balance and coordination
Speech and communication
Self-esteem and self-confidence
Flexibility and core muscle strength


Our program goals include addressing each rider’s individual needs and working WITH the client’s parents/ guardians, contributing therapists, and doctors to achieve his or her goals. As clients move through the 77-step Equine-Assisted Healthcare Program, progress is measured according to the mastery of these steps. The program is relevant for over 150 disabilities as well as at-risk youth, victims of abuse, and veterans.

Our Herd

Our herd is full of horses and humans of all shapes, sizes, personalities, and from all walks of life! Whether they live with limitations, past events they work to overcome, or simply just eat a lot of hay, our herd is amazing. Together we work alongside each other to empower, inspire, and encourage each other. Our herd rocks!

The best therapist has fur & four legs

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Our Mission
The mission of the our Helping with Horsepower Therapeutic Riding Program is to assist individuals with special needs in reaching their goals through interaction with our horses.

Our team has received certification through SpiritHorse International and launched this unique Equine-Assisted Healthcare Program at Reclamation-Ranch in Mitchell, South Dakota!
Strong focus is placed on building independence, and clients assist, to the best of their ability, in all areas of preparation and horse care: leading, grooming, putting on and removing equipment before and after their ride.

Clients gain self-sufficiency, accomplishment, sequencing and speech skills. The mounted program improves balance, stimulates brain activity and intervenes effectively with disabilities.
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Private Sessions
Clients schedule private, one hour sessions each week, with a designated horse and instructor. Long pants and closed toe shoes are required. We provide a helmet. Parents/caregivers are encouraged to assist. There is no age limit.

The fees for services are based on ability to pay, and we will work with you individually to determine how to get you/your child started.
The regular rate for a one hour session is $65.
Our Instructors & Volunteers
After volunteering for one full season, an individual can apply for instructor training. Once accepted, they are required to attend training that is provided by Helping With Horsepower, free of charge.

Volunteers are crucial to our service. We are grateful for their help and you can also join us, no horse experience required.

We provide free training for volunteers to assist instructors during sessions. Incentives include free riding lessons. Apply to be part of our team and share our success stories. Background check required.
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