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About Us

Changing one life at a time!

Our Story

ESTABLISHED in 2011, founder Laura Klock launched the nationally recognized Helping with Horsepower Bike Rebuild Program for at-risk youth. In 2015, Crystal Young, Owner of Reclamation-Ranch, joined forces with Laura to start the Helping with Horsepower Therapeutic Riding Program for individuals with special needs. The overall MISSION of Helping with Horsepower at Reclamation-Ranch is to design and

implement programs that empower, encourage, and inspire. By building a community of individuals born

or diagnosed with limitations, we create opportunities for purpose, wellbeing and growth.

True to our HWH MISSION, in 2019 the Heroes Helping with Horsepower program was born!

This program focuses on assisting Veterans through equine therapies using the EGC Method!

Meet The Team

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