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Veterans Programs

The overall MISSION of Helping with Horsepower is to design and implement programs that empower, encourage, and inspire. By building a community of individuals born or diagnosed with limitations, we create opportunities for purpose, wellbeing and growth.

True to our HWH MISSION, in 2019 the Heroes Helping with Horsepower Program was born! This program focuses on assisting Veterans through equine therapies! And in March of 2022, our copyrighted Helping with Horsepower Bike Rebuild Program was launched for Veterans!

"It has been ten years since that deployment in Afghanistan and I have tried multiple types of therapy to help me accept what happened and move forward so that I can live my life in the present. The Heroes Helping with Horsepower program has helped me progress exponentially!"

~ E.Hanks Sergeant, US Marine Corps Ret.

Our Mission

Our goal for the Heroes Helping with Horsepower Equine Therapy Program is to make a difference in the mental and physical health of individuals that have survived trauma, through interaction with our horses using the EGC Method ®. We provide a safe place to feel and address emotions through

the human-animal bond.

And now, we have added the Helping with Horsepower Bike Rebuild program, for Veterans!

HHWH t.jpg
Our Mission

Horses have carried men and women through wars, helped plow fields, and have been a transportation source for thousands of years. And they still offer us so much more. They are non-judgmental, compassionate survivors. Horses live within a herd or team and their herd mentality, prey animal instincts and unconditional acceptance, make them the best resource to "carry one's emotional baggage" and help transition into a happier, healthier way of living.

Transitioning from military life into civilian life is difficult and challenging. By creating structure or opportunities to achieve "rank" through phases, we are able to provide ongoing and continuous support and connection. The program is set up for participants to "graduate" into a paid position as a Therapeutic Riding Instructor!


We are just getting started and are looking forward to giving back to our service men and women! Please join us in our excitement about this new program. Learn more about what we are already doing through Helping With Horsepower at Reclamation-Ranch at either of our websites, and contact us to find out how you can join our herd!



Contact: Crystal Young


Download the Heroes Helping with Horsepower Participant application here:

Download PR about the Veterans Bike Rebuild Program here:

Help us help continue to offer services FREE to Veterans!

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