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Help us Build Community! (and add some much needed...bathrooms!)

Helping with Horsepower @ Reclamation-Ranch has broken ground for our 25'x100' addition to the indoor arena.  The planning of this project started back in 2019, but the rising costs of building materials have delayed the project until recently.  

In early June, 2023, we broke ground for the new addition that will include:  

  • Handicap Accessible Bathrooms that will also serve as storm shelters

  • Office Area for HwH Staff and Instructors

  • Observation Room for parents/guardians to watch riders from a safe enclosed distance, limiting the distractions for the rider

  • Conference Room for meetings & small events

  • Storage Area

  • Community Garage for HWH Motorcycle Rebuild Programs and future growth

Help us build community! We are asking for Donations to help complete this project. Any monetary, material or labor donations are greatly appreciated.  For more information, please contact Crystal at 605.770.2867or email:

We need this enviromentally controlled expansion to bring all of our programs to one location and keep our participants, clients, riders, volunteers, and staff safe. 

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