“We are now formally opening the barn doors to host therapeutic riding through HELPING WITH HORSEPOWER™!”

In 2015, Reclamation-Ranch had several requests to assist children with an array of special needs and/or disabilities. To best serve these individuals and families, Crystal and Noreen Young teamed up with Laura Klock, President of Helping With Horsepower. With Laura’s certification from the SpiritHorse International Therapeutic Riding Center in Corinth, TX, the trio was able to successful work with children over the summer. Reclamation-Ranch is proud to announce that therapeutic riding will be a permanent addition to the services they already offer. With the decision to extend their services to the community, Noreen and Crystal headed to Corinth with Laura to officially become certified instructors.

After the February session in Corinth, Laura because a Senior Instructor, and Crystal and Noreen achieved the title of Certified Instructors. Together, they have been hard at work preparing Reclamation-Ranch and the horses to serve even more individuals with special needs this riding season. They are now accepting applications for volunteers and clients! Noreen and Crystal of Reclamation-Ranch are excited to not only be hosting the Helping With Horsepower™ Spirithorse Therapeutic Riding Program, but to also have taken the step to be Instructors for the program. Additionally, Noreen and Crystal feel honored to offer their horses to serve riders. The Young family has a deep affinity and bond with horses, and they are all thrilled to provide the opportunity for other children and special needs/disabled people to experience similar lessons and friendships.

To read more about the Helping with Horsepower™ Spirithorse Program, click on the link!
To reach Crystal and Noreen at Reclamation Ranch, please call 605-630-8137 or visit Reclamation Ranch.

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