From left: Noreen Young, Paris, Laura Klock, and Crystal Young

After months of preparation, the second season of the Helping With Horsepower, SpiritHorse Therapeutic Riding Program is in full swing; the HWH staff is excited to welcome new clients and volunteers.

We are so thankful for our riders, their families, and our volunteers who continue to help us fulfill our dream. Our goal through this program is to “assist individuals with special needs in achieving their full potential through interactions with horses”. – Laura Klock

On Sunday, April 24, Helping with Horsepower invited riding families, volunteers, and supporters to Reclamation-Ranch for new client and volunteer orientation. With just over 30 attendees, HWH Staff walked through safety procedures, a complete client session demonstration, and answered questions about the Helping With Horsepower SpiritHorse Therapeutic Riding Program at Reclamation-Ranch. The group heard from a current client, Quintin, who rode at the center last summer, and his mom gave a heartfelt testimony at the end of the presentation. Attendees met the horses, were given a safety lesson about working with the horses, and also had the option of walking through the new trail at the ranch that will be used during the riding program.

It was amazing to hold our first “official” Orientation, as so much work has gone into preparation and planning for our riding season to start! One of the moms spoke up at the event, tearfully, and talked about how much the riding program has impacted her son’s life. Moments like that really help us feel the depth of our program at Reclamation-Ranch. It was a GREAT day! – Laura Klock

Along with the presentation, Helping With Horsepower staff expressed the program’s first priority- the child in session. Through love, encouragement, and support, the HWH team will always strive to provide an atmosphere that fosters growth and celebrates every milestone!

“There are so many possibilities for things to not go as planned when working with horses who have minds of their own, in unpredictable weather, and with children,” Crystal Young said.

When all of these uncontrollable elements are blended and all is smooth and joyous, I view it as a signal from God/Spirit that we are on the perfect path. We are striving to create and share Reclamation-Ranch to provide what might possibly be the most memorable and influential moments for some of these children. This, for me, is a calling that is worth my every moment. – Crystal Young

Helping With Horsepower is working to schedule clients and volunteers to begin riding sessions in early May. If you’re interested in volunteering or know of someone who could benefit from the riding sessions, please visit to get an application and/or to learn more!

Helping With Horsepower would like to extend gratitude to all who participated in the orientation event and all who have volunteered their time and efforts for the program.








About SpiritHorse Therapeutic Riding

Provided through the 501(c)3 non-profit organization, Helping With Horsepower™, the SpiritHorse Therapeutic Riding Program’s mission is to assist those with special needs in reaching their full potential through interaction with horses. Goals include addressing each rider’s individual needs and working WITH the client’s parents/guardians, contributing therapists, and doctors to achieve his or her goals. As clients move through the 88-step Equine-Assisted Healthcare program, progress is measured according to the mastery of these steps. The program is relevant for over 150 disabilities as well as at-risk youth, victims of abuse and veterans. One hour private sessions are held at Reclamation Ranch, 40789 259th Street, Mitchell, South Dakota, from May through October each year



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