Reservation Restoration: Pine Ridge, SD

Joel and Jacki Tomkinson, head of the Reservation Restoration project, are utilizing the Helping with Horsepower™ Bike Rebuild Program curriculum to provide students with hands-on repair and customization skills using an Ironhead Sportster donated by Black Hills Harley-Davidson of Rapid City, SD. Throughout the program the youth will be developing problem-solving skills, self-confidence, and learning an important life lesson: You can repair and rebuild anything in your life with the right tools and inspiration.

“My husband Joel and I are heading up Pastor Mike Brennan’s Reservation Restoration Project. We work with the youth and train them to restore motorcycles, while teaching them how the Lord restores our lives,” said Jacki Tomkinson.

Many industry-leading companies recognized the value of this project, and provided donations, including Klock Werks Kustom Cycles, Black Hills Harley-Davidson. The Rez Rocket Garage was built specifically for the project with a lot of donated time and materials.

The Reservation Restoration project is a part of Youth Evangelism Strategies, Inc. larger vision of the restoration of the Lakota Nation, headed up by Pastor Mike “TwoShadows” Brennan. “The Helping With Horsepower curriculum and mission fits well with the mission of Youth Evangelism Strategies, Inc. and their efforts to provide restoration as well as valuable life skills to youth in Pine Ridge and the surrounding areas,” states Laura Klock, Co-Founder of Helping With Horsepower. “We are excited to help them have a very successful program!”
In addition to providing practical experience and life skills, Reservation Restoration will benefit from Helping with Horsepower™, as the finished motorcycle will be raffled to raise needed funds for Youth Evangelism Strategies, Inc.

“Industrial Arts are undervalued and our educational system has systematically eliminated shop class, explained Pastor Mike “TwoShadows” Brennan. “Where it is not undervalued is in the marketplace, which has seen a greater and greater demand for the skilled craftspeople.” “Reservation Restoration provides a new option for graduates, as Black Hills Harley will hire a number of the builders who complete the training.”
Reservation Restoration is the first of many projects planned at the Rez Rocket Garage. Youth Evangelism Strategies, Inc. needs donations to get started including a shop press, motorcycle jack, chop saw, drill press, grinder and welding helmets for kids. Currently the bike build team is looking for donations of paint and tins.

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