SpiritHorse Program

Helping with Horsepower™, is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization that designs volunteer programs that empower, encourage, and raise funds for worthy charities. Helping with Horsepower™ has developed several programs that have shown proven results, including the Helping with Horsepower™ SpiritHorse Program.

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The mission of the HWH SpiritHorse Program is to assist individuals with special needs in reaching their full potential through interaction with horses. Through an amazing partnership with Crystal Young of Reclamation-Ranch, and Noreen Young of Life’s Trail, HWH was able to launch this program summer of 2015!

Clients come for one-hour sessions each week, with a designated horse and instructor. We have a strong focus on building independence, and clients assist, to the best of their ability, in all areas of preparation and horse-care: leading, grooming, putting on and removing equipment before and after their ride. This develops a sense of self-sufficiency and accomplishment, and also builds sequencing and speech skills.
Instructors, during the mounted portion, lead the client through the SpiritHorse 88-step Equine-Assisted Healthcare Program.
This program utilizes movements and activities on the horse to develop rhythm and balance, and stimulate brain activity that actually works as effective intervention for the deficits of disabilities.
Equine therapy aides in many ways. In a natural environment, SpiritHorse’ equine-assisted therapy is an organic combination of speech, physical and relationship-building therapy.

This therapy builds a variety of skills:

  • Balance & coordination
  • Flexibility & core muscle strength
  • Sequencing
  • Speech & communication
  • Self-esteem & self-confidence

Our goals include addressing each rider’s individual needs and achieve the goals his or her parents, contributing therapists and doctors, and HWH SpiritHorse instructors set. As clients move through the 88-step Equine-Assisted Healthcare Program, progress is measured according to the mastery of these steps. Because we serve such a wide range of age and physical and cognitive functioning ability, success is measured in the individual accomplishments and milestones of each. General success, however, is measured by the clients’ improvement in different areas affected by disabilities. These include improvement in balance, coordination, muscle strength and flexibility, self-confidence, independence, and progress in environments outside our center – home, school, etc.

The 2018 riding season is in session, and we currently have room for a few more new clients!
Please CONTACT US to receive the application to get on our list! Therapeutic riding sessions are held at Reclamation-Ranch, from May-end of October.