Entrepreneur Experience

Helping with Horsepower™, is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization that designs volunteer programs that empower, encourage, and raise funds for worthy charities. Helping with Horsepower™ has developed several programs that have shown proven results, including the Helping with Horsepower™ Entrepreneur Experience.

The Helping With Horsepower™ Entrepreneur Experience was developed to provide a hands-on entrepreneurial and small business experience that will benefit students and at-risk youth, and raise money for charities – by operating a local ice cream/frozen treat truck. This truck will participate in community, school, athletic and other events throughout the year.

The project involves acquiring a used truck setting it up to begin a small ice cream/frozen treats truck business. The DWU chapter of CEO (Dakota Wesleyan University Collegiate Entrepreneur Organization) is involved, hands-on, throughout the entire process from concept, licensing, to operating a small business. The CEO chapter will help with business structure, licensing, naming, truck design, logo design and marketing, brand development, inventory choices, build out of the truck, staffing, and choosing a monthly charity that proceeds will benefit. Every aspect of developing and starting a small business! Once the truck is functioning, we intend to involve at-risk youth and other local organizations and schools, identifying youth and individuals that would benefit from an entrepreneurial experience.

The truck has been named “Miracle Werks” Frozen Treat Truck, with a tag line of “Loving Ice Cream”. A 1990 Chevy Delivery Van has been donate to the project, and build-out has begun. We plan to launch May, 2017 – so watch for more updates! Want to help? Contact us!