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Today was a big day.  We knew we were close to getting the bike completely disassembled, but we had some big items to tackle; namely getting the motor and transmission out as well as the front end forks detached and lastly the wire harness.

The day started with introductions as we had a new biker added to our motley crew.   A review of what we were doing and why we were doing it was a timely reminder for us all.  The Superhero Foundations motto is simple- “every child needs a hero, but abuse children need a Superhero”.

Mr. Freddie took half the kids; group one, to review the artist sketches for the bike and the artwork.  Mr. Steve led the other half working on the bike.  Both groups learned some important lessons.   Mr. Freddie had the idea that the St. Michael bike was going to run over the devil and we would have some rendering of that on the back fender.  In discussing the bike it became apparent this was not the idea held by several of the biker kids.  They had wanted to see the devil under the bike.  But how could this be?   Where would one depict such a rendering?  It is impossible to see what is going on under the motorcycle.   The biker kid’s initial response to the adults not understanding was “oh forget it”; but that does not fly with these adults.  We would not drop it and what ensued was a most excellent exchange of ideas and communication that led to a whole new understanding of what needs to happen to the bike design and the biker kids just nailed it.  What is that idea? Well you will have to wait and see.


A few of us not in the middle of the debate took a moment to see what was really going on.  Dr. Joe pointed out that we had two good people with very different ideas.  One person was not bad and the other good.  Both ideas were good, but in the end only one could prevail, which would it be?  This was conflict resolution at its best. We talked about not always getting what we want, but how to respectfully relay ideas and communicate even with those with whom we may not agree.  In this situation the biker kid’s idea won, however, the effort was collaborative and the end result is going to be better than either side started with originally.

When it was time to switch groups, group two, the biker kids working on the bike, were filthy!   It turns out that they learned a lesson in paying attention.  Mr. Steve was not here last time and Mr. Freddie told him that the primary chain oil had been drained.  If you recall we had a primary cover bolt that was stripped and slowed us down last time.  Mr. Freddie said nothing about the engine oil being drained.  It went everywhere and on everybody!  What a mess.

In the end, group two got the motor and transmission out and as the groups switched it was time for group one to get to work on the front forks and the wire harness.  Even Miss Andy got in on the fun and turned a wrench or two.  It wasn’t long and the bike was completely apart.


Group two still had a major design problem to solve.  With the devil not on the back finder anymore, what was going to be on the back finder?  Several ideas were tossed out but the central theme of the St. Michael the Archangel kept coming back to the forefront.  The idea of St. Michael as a representative of the kids and St. Mary’s Home in their fight against evil, namely child abuse, kept returning.  Ultimately the kids thought to put the St. Michael pray on the back in some way or fashion.

A usual Saturday session is from 3 to 5 pm but we ran over about 45 minutes today.  Mr. Freddie had to make a run for some quick dry to clean up all the oil spilled and we cleaned the lift really well as well as the surrounding shop area.  Everyone gave a big round of applause in thanksgiving for Mr. Freddie, Steve and Mrs. Deborah as well as themselves for a job well done in getting the bike apart.

We are going to have a little bit of break in the schedule as the bike goes off to paint and the motor and transmission goes to the shop for updating and a polish.

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“Every child needs a hero, but abused children need a Superhero!”

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