Be the owner of a custom 2015 Indian Scout motorcycle and become a “Legacy” for Helping With Horsepower for as little as $20.00!

The local bike rebuild project was unveiled November 2016 and completed over the summer this year in Mitchell, SD. Coming to a close, there are only weeks left to purchase raffle tickets to become the proud new owner before the new year!

The 2017 project bike was unveiled at the Logan Luxury Theater November 2016 during a showing of KLOCKED: Women With Horsepower, a documentary about Laura Klock and her two daughter’s record setting speed trials at the Bonneville Salt Flats.

The Helping With Horsepower Bike Rebuild program provides an opportunity for youth to learn how to solve problems, work together, use their creativity, and get a little greasy in the process. This year, the hands-on project, in collaboration with the Abbott House, a residential treatment center for girls ages 7-17, of Mitchell, SD has produced a one-of-a-kind Indian Scout, titled Legacy, named by a girl in the program.

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Before the tear-down of the Scout began, the girls had the opportunity to submit a design and name for the motorcycle. Each participant was provided a template to draw, color, and name the bike. Along with the design, each girl provided an explanation of their design and name inspiration. The winning design was a patriotic theme. “I have always wanted to leave a legacy behind, and I was thinking the bike would be a legacy for all the girls who have been at the Abbott House,” said the young lady who submitted a name and theme for the bike design contest.

“Choosing a design was not easy,” Klock said. “The designs submitted were fun and insightful, showing some amazing talent from these young girls.”

The bike rebuild program’s success, besides raising money for local children, is measured by the experience with and for those involved. True to the mission of the Abbott House, the intent of the Bike Rebuild Program is to provide education, empowerment, and encouragement for the girls. And, there was no shortage of challenge and transformation, but it wasn’t just the team of girls who had the opportunity for expansion. Those involved directly, and indirectly, with the build, were positively impacted by the experience.

Helping With Horsepower SpiritHorse Program Director and Bike Rebuild volunteer Crystal Young of Reclamation Ranch stated, “Being a part of such an amazing project like the rebuild program at the Abbott House is truly rewarding. When you see a young girl whom has struggled in life, struggle at first to remove a bolt or screw, then light up like a headlamp when she feels it give, it’s fantastic!”

“I love being part of the moments when they feel empowered and discover they can and are smart and strong!”

Along with the Abbott House team, Helping With Horsepower thanks all of the sponsors. Indian Motorcycle sponsored with the donation of the motorcycle. Klock Werks partnered with the organization by supplying parts featured on the bike, mechanical guidance from Jennifer Bainbridge, and class support by Karlee Cobb. Todd Dozark, of Liquid Designz, and other sponsors like Kuryakyn, PPG, The Daily Republic, POET Biorefining, Coca-Cola, Great Western Bank, Midco, AMSOIL, and Avera, have also backed the project.

“I enjoy watching the girls come up with their own plans for what they’re going to work on,” Bainbridge, Lead R&D Technician from Klock Werks, said. “You can see where their talents lie and watch their love and dedication to the project grow. By the end of the build, they are sitting on the bike, claiming it for themselves. That’s where I get to share the same joy with them that I feel when a job is well done.”

Sneak peak at one of the designs submitted by a resident of the Abbott House. Each girl involved in the program had the chance to design the motorcycle, name it, and explain their choices for the project in a letter.

“This year’s project is very special,” Laura Klock, founder and president of Helping With Horsepower said. “This year, the girls learned that you can look “good” on the outside and still be suffering on the inside. To really look great and feel great, takes work — personal work for people and mechanical work for motorcycles.”

The sporty motorcycle will forever stand for the legacy the girls represent, belief in the self, and belief in one another, that no matter the odds you face, you can thrive and be successful in your life, on your own terms. Helping With Horsepower is honored and proud to see the growth in each of the young ladies involved this year.

This collaboration with the Abbott House, and other programs around the nation in the Bike Rebuild Program are only possible with the support of our sponsors and generous donors. You can support area children today by purchasing tickets to win this Indian Scout motorcycle. Tickets are on sale at for a limited time. If you are local, you may also purchase tickets at the Abbott House, County Fair, or County Fair Food and Fuel. The drawing will be held December 28th in Mitchell, SD.

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